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Company Profile

Convegenius is a mobile first, product company focused on digitizing education and making it affordable, fun and rewarding.

ConveGenius aims to become a market leader in Edutainment. The company aims to create disruption in the knowledge and digital media segment by providing affordable educational solutions for both the existing and the emerging mobile users globally. We believe in building mobile ecosystems that are designed to educate the masses by bringing in elements of fun, entertainment and rewards. ConveGenius is based out of India and Singapore. Our India office is headquartered in Noida.

What we do?

Our business model is designed in a such a way that it focuses not just on revenue but also on driving social impact via volumes. ConveGenius's core principles are -

Free Quality Education

We believe that access to learning content should be free and dynamic. There is a need for an ecosystem that bridges the gap between content developers and content consumers so as to create a sustainable method for evolution in digital learning.

Edutainment for all

Not everyone can be motivated to learn by just providing quality digital content. There is a neccessity to motivate users extrinsically via Gamification and tangible rewards. Thereby Entertainment driving Education and vice-versa.

Data focused Innovation

The company's core competency lies in innovation via analytics and quantifiable data-metrics that can capture learning and enhance it. Our core IP encapsulates big-data in Education.

Entertainment Marketplace

ConveGenius believes in creating value by driving business via the Entertainment Marketplace. Increase on Eye-time usage and driving transactions being key business drivers.